What Base Coat and Top Coat do you use?
Up until a few months ago I used whatever was at hand, my favourites were Rimmel base coat and Models Own all in one base and topcoat. Then when my nails grew past the free edge they would start to peel, so I decided to invest in a bottle of OPI Nail Envy , I know it is a bit on the expensive side but it really has strengthened my nails , I only wear it when I am not swatching and this prolongs the life of the bottle. I use Models Own topcoat for swatching but for everyday useage I still use NYC Classy Glassy, which is £1.99 a bottle what a bargain.

What is your nail routine?
I really don't have a ritual , I use Lush Lemony Flutter every night too keep my hands moisturized and I  file and apply Nail envy once a week or whenever I take my polish off ,whichever is first.

Where can I get...?
Most of my posts have what I use in bold letters, at the end of the post I will mention where I get the products I have used, if I was sent them for review I will always mention who has sent them.

What Camera do you use?
Canon 500D SLR 

Can I use or reblog/pin your photographs?
By all means you can use , reblog or pin my pics just as long as you give me full credit and a link back to the original picture. Under no circumstances is it OK to take my watermark off and pass the photo as your own , I will deal with anyone found doing this.

What is/are your favourite brand/s of Nail Polish?
That's quite a difficult question if I can split it into groups I may be able to answer this one a bit more easily!

  • Favourite Main stream British Polish - Barry M 
  • Favourite British Indie - a-England
  • Favourite Mani Stream International - China Glaze
  • Favourite International Indie - Cult Nails
I am really not into brands that much really, if I see a shade or finish I like I buy it regardless of brand!

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask?
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